To develop genomes-by-design by enabling plant functional genomics and harnessing plant metabolism.


  • Implementing high efficiency tools and technologies that enable plant genome design;
  • Modeling metabolic pathways to inform genetic modifications that will produce metabolites of value;
  • Developing genetic regulatory circuits to control plant developmental and metabolic pathways;
  • Forming consortia with academic and governmental research institutions to bring in relevant expertise;
  • Capturing innovation through relationships with industrial partners and by creating new start-up companies.   


The impact of our technology will be two-fold: 

  1. enabling plant functional genomics, providing fundamental insight into how plant genes control growth and development;
  2. harnessing plant metabolism to produce the primary metabolites (i.e. carbohydrates, protein, oil) needed for food as well as the diverse array of plant-derived secondary metabolites that are of value as pharmaceuticals and industrial raw materials. 


We are inspired by the transition from an era of DNA reading – our ability to sequence genomes at high throughput – to an era of DNA writing – our ability to create de novo genetic blueprints. Our intent is to compose a future with a healthier environment, enriched food crops, and an open door to large-scale genome design.