Khakhar Lab (Colorado State) seeking Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr. Arjun Khakhar is recruiting postdoctoral fellows to join his team at Colorado State. These positions will work on plant synthetic biology, specifically working on the development of synthetic control systems in plants for diverse applications. 

These include:

1) Designing plants for long term carbon fixation.
Candidates with experience in metabolic engineering, plant biochemistry, cell wall biology, and/or synthetic signaling systems are preferred. 
2) High-throughput genome editing in crops using viral vectors.
Candidates with experience in plant virology, plant transformation. and/or tissue culture are preferred. 
The Khakhar lab works to apply plant synthetic biology to study and re-engineer morphology and metabolism in Fort Collins, a beautiful mountain town in Colorado. Learn more about the group's work and Khakhar's mentorship style at: www.arjunlab.com 
Ideally candidates would be able to start between August and October 2024. 
To apply candidates should email [email protected] with their CV and a brief (~500 word) cover letter that summarizes their expertise, scientific interests, career goals , and why they would be a good fit for this role. 

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