Select Fridays at 1:00 PM

February 10th, 2023
Can Baysal, Postdoctoral Associate, Voytas lab
Towards Engineering Biological Nitrogen Fixation in Cereals

March 10th, 2023
Jitesh Kumar, Postdoctoral Associate, Zhang lab
Cis-regulatory element engineering through directional oligo-based targeted insertion in plants
Statement of Expertise

April 7th, 2023
Angela Ricono, PhD Candidate, Greenham lab

April 21st, 2023
Tom Schreiber, Postdoctoral Researcher
Leibniz Institute of Plant Biochemistry, Halle, Germany

Virtual presentation with in-person gathering in 239 Gortner
SPECIAL TIME = 9:00 AM to accommodate time difference between MN/EU

May 12th, 2023 - Visiting Scholar hosted by Mike Smanski
Dr. James Thompson, Research Geneticist, USDA ARS



About the CPPG Meetings:


  • Either the PI or a student/staff person of choice may present
  • Kit Leffler will contact all PIs the week before their presentation date for the speaker name and title of talk. This information will be distributed via CPPG newsletter.
  • If it is your group’s week to present, please arrive to the Zoom call or 105 Cargill five minutes early with a flash drive in order to set up.