Select Fridays at 1:00 PM in 105 Cargill and online!

January 28th, 2022 -
Jitesh Kumar, Postdoctoral Associate, Zhang Lab
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February 11th, 2022 - Visiting Scholar, virtual presentation only
Sarah Garland, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, The Earth Institute, Columbia University
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March 18th, 2022
Andy Read and Zach Myers,  Postdoctoral Associates, Springer lab
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Statement of Expertise

April 8th, 2022
Armando Casas Mollano, Postdoctoral Associate, Smanski lab
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April 22nd, 2022 - Visiting Scholar, virtual presentation only
Dr. Xiaohan Yang, Senior Scientist
Oark Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN

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May 6th, 2022 - Visiting Scholar, in-person presentation with hybrid streaming
S.P. Dinesh-Kumar, Professor and Chair, Department of Plant Biology
University of California, Davis, CA

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About the CPPG Meetings:

  • Either the PI or a student/staff person of choice may present
  • Kit Leffler will contact all PIs the week before their presentation date for the speaker name and title of talk. This information will be distributed via CPPG newsletter.
  • If it is your group’s week to present, please arrive to the Zoom call or 105 Cargill five minutes early with a flash drive in order to set up.